Drink If! Bachelorette Party Game - 26 Cards


Looking for a fun, easy game for the bachelorette party?

This fun and easy to play bride-to-be game is perfect.

►QUALITY - Each card is printed on heavyweight card stock. 


The following cards are included in each set!

Drink If:

1: You have a tattoo. 

2: You drank last night.

3: You live with your parents.

4:You're wearing heels. 

5: You curled your own hair.

6: You're wearing pink.

7: You're single.

8: You're in the bridal party.

9: You can't whistle.

10: You took a selfie today.

11: You have blonde hair.

12: Your nails are painted.

13: You've known the bride more than 10 years.

14: You're engaged or married.

15: You're holding your phone.

16: You drank last time.

17: You're wearing a necklace.

18: You're drinking water.

19: You're the shortest of the group.

20: You're still on your first drink.

21: You have kids.

22: Your eyes are the same color as the brides.

23: You're in love.

24: You are left handed.

25: You're the oldest or the youngest.

26: You're having fun.

  • DRINK IF - Fun and easy to play! A fun way to guarantee lots of laughter at your bachelorette party.
  • 26 CARDS - Each order includes 26 unique rose gold Drink If cards! Perfect for those looking for last minute bachelorette party supplies, games, and ideas!
  • PERFECT SIZE - Each Girls Night Out game card is perfectly sized to easily fit inside a pocket or purse!
  • QUALITY - Designed & made in the USA. Each card is professionally printed on our highest quality heavyweight matte card stock.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Our invitations are backed by 100% guarantee. If you aren't fully satisfied with your product you'll receive your money back!

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