Bachelorette Party Dare Cards - 20 Scratch Off Tickets

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Looking for a fun, easy game for the bachelorette party?

This fun and easy to play bride-to-be game is perfect.

►FUN - The host will hand out the cards the night of the event.

►CHALLENGE - Guests will scratch off the cards to reveal the dare.

►20 DARES INCLUDED - The following dares are included in each set:

    1:Hit the dance floor with your crazy dance.2:Share a barstool with a guy.3:Get a piggyback ride from a stranger.
    4:Maid of honor's choice.5:Dance with a guy wearing a red shirt.6:Stand on a chair and introduce the bride.
    7:Toast to the bride.8:Dance on a table9:Propose to a stranger.10:Get a guy's phone number.
    11:Take a photo with another bachelorette or bachelor.12:Blow kisses to a stranger.13:Buy a cute guy a drink.
    14:Take a selfie with the bartender.15:Ask a guy with muscles if you can touch them.
    16:Have a stranger tattoo you with a pen.17:Pee in the men's room.18:Find a stranger to serenade the bride.
    19:Kiss a bald guy's head.20:Find a guy with the same name as the groom.
►QUALITY - Each card is printed on heavyweight card stock. A sure way to keep the party moving with lots of fun and laughter!
  • DARE CARDS - Fun and easy to play. A sure way to get the bachelorette party started with lots of fun and laughter!
  • SCRATCH OFF - Hand out and scratch off to reveal each dare. Just fun and nothing too risqué.
  • OPT OUT - Guests can opt out by buying the bride to be a drink
  • 20 CARDS - 20 Scratch off cards included with each order. Perfect for any bachelorette girls night out
  • CHOOSE THE CARDS TO USE - We provide a key and numbered cards so you can choose the cards you'd like to include

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